Do. 17.10.2019 | 18:00 – 22:00 Eintritt frei | Free Admission


In the previous session of Public Research we discussed visual archives and narratives of nation which were scattered, lost, or displaced, and are in recent years reclaimed by artistic practices. During the session we questioned the entanglement of these practices with notions of identity and self-determination, and examined them as acts of de/ reterritorialization.

In the upcoming session we will unfold the notion of the “nomadic archive”, which was at the center of the previous session, by introducing two artistic projects taking the performativity of memory as a presupposition and urban research as their strategy.

Nafiseh Fathollahzadeh will present “Momentography of a failure”, a collaborative photography and urban research project. This project seeks to develop the concept of participatory citizenship through practicing forms of appropriation, collaborative research, and participatory photography. “Momentography of a failure” approaches the urban edges to explore spatial transformations of urban landscapes through photography, the participation of locals and activating collective memories of those spaces. This practice invests in the performativity of the medium by creating and speculating the image-reality of urban spaces which could ultimately be a practice for the right of appropriation through image and text.

Dirk Cieslak will present the BLOCK project which starts with a claim: We – the inhabitants of blocks around the world – live in the ruins of post-war Fortschritts-Moderne. The time has come to imagine and realize masterplans of rebuilding, inventing new forms of living in the city. Through performance, performative guided tours and film, this nomadic project explores specific blocks around the globe; examine their history as artefacts of utopian modernism of the 1960, and their current existent as mute spaces appropriated by their actual residents.

Travelling between Zentrum Kreuzberg, Teheran, Addis Ababa, Tapiola/Espo, and Rom, in this session we will negotiate urban research as a site for the production of fiction, facts, spatial memories and new alliances. Connecting seemingly detached spaces and transforming sites into places- we will keep on asking – who owns the city?

public research is part of the program gesellschaften in the new House of Commons at Vierte Welt.

Devised by: Dirk CieslakGerko EgertStefan Hölscher, and Netta Weiser.

With support of Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berlin.

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