With Nesindano Namise

Zoom Meeting ID: 811 4361 6679

Do. 24.06.21 | 20:00 | online 19:45


In the previous sessions of Public Research we discussed the multiplicity of crises that shape our world, reading Isabell Strangers’ In Catastrophic Times. Resisting the Coming Barbarism. we looked at crises from environmental and social perspectives. Last months session we returned to the body (and its crises): Together with Yael Friedman we explored questions evolving around the concept of the patient from biological and ethical perspectives, as well as the concept of recovery regarding medical holism and epistemic injustice.
In this upcoming session of Public Research we will continue with the body and its crises shifting the perspective to artistic strategies of decoloniality. With our Namibian guest – performance poet and vocalist/writer Nesindano Namise we will talk about her artistic approach and research on the entanglement of coloniality, identity and culture(s) of remembrance. Through her performances in which she works with experimental music and sound Nesindano challenges prevailing narratives around questions of restitution and remembrance. She describes her artistic approach as ‚aural history‘ –– a way of exploring identity through experimental aural spheres and sound as a somatic decolonising experience. Following Nesindano’s presentation of her current artistic research we will open up the discussion along the questions of how these practices can be part of building future archives and cultures of remembering the traumatic repercussions of colonialism.
Nesindano Namise  is currently a recipient of the Namibian residency programme by Akademie Schloss Solitute and also a resident for Flausen+  2021. Her current projects focus on stories of “aural history”, Namibia-German colonial past and exploring Afro-futurism. She is well known for her multilingual and improvisational approach to her music/sound scaping in her mother tongue, Khoekhoegowab, English and Afrikaans. Nesindano is the co-organiser of Spoken Word Namibia an influential platform, which has largely impacted a large part of Windhoek’s contemporary performance spaces. Her content speaks of resilience, identity and expression through personal, collective or isolated stories and highlights creating enabling spaces for women, indigenous and queer people.
Foto: Jasmine Schädler

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