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Do. 22.04.21 | 20:00 | online 19:45



This month we will continue our collective research on the Anthropocene and the catastrophes that shape our world. We will take up the multiple questions and discussions brought at last month to our series by Mira Hirtz. Her use of somatic techniques proposed way to engage in an experiential way with the current state of the world. By engaging in a philosophical reading for our next session we will take a different angle but stay with the same questions: How to act in and with world that is shaped by the entanglement of multiple crisis? How to act from the widths of this catastrophic milieu, in a thinking-acting way?


Together we will read and discuss excerpts of Isabelle Stengers’ In Catastrophic Times. Resisting the Coming Barbarism (2015). Isabelle Stengers’ is one of the leading philosophers on a thinking of the climate catastrophe the current capitalist condition as well as a critique of the mode of thought they impose. But instead of limiting her work to a critical reflection, she offers us a great deal of conceptual tools for living and thinking otherwise. Join us in thinking and discussing collectively the propositions this important text makes!


You can find the book here:

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