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Do. 07.07.22  |  20:00 – 23:00

Thelma Bonavita und Nicolas Siepen


Como will present itself in several performances and discussions via internet online on screen at the Vierte Welt. We meet in the room and can also talk with the Como people beeing in Brazil. We also show the film Latent River in the room. A collaboration between Como and Nicolas Siepen and some artists and art students from Norway. Nicolas Siepen will introduce Como and guide the event in the room of the Vierte Welt.


COMO CLUBE was a Sao Paulo based selforganizied performative Art Space initiated by the Transchoreographer Thelma Bonavita. COMO operates unter the idea:

creation before project or scratch first and itch later. Thelma Bonavita will organize from Brazil online and in the space of Vierte Welt a one night Reunion of some active members of Como and talk about their collaboration. The event is an opener for the Fleshion project, taking place in September at Vierte Welt as part of Gesellschaften.

Como is a word used to investigate ways and means of doing something.

How is the conjugation of the verb “comer” in the first person singular, EU COMO. And eating was the metaphor used by Oswald de Andrade in his Cannibal Manifesto, to metabolize cultural differences.

Como sounds similar to the English word, “common”, a piece of land in common use in the Middle Ages, a way we could think about developing something in common or sharing a common space.

Como_clube has a kind of counter-state effect in its constant search for establishing self-organized autonomy and even chaotic and anarchic decentralized functioning systems. Elaborating choreographic cleaning and infrastructure maintenance and inventive financing is a structuring performance with conceptual implications. By the end of 2014, COMO had to leave the 905 duplex flat and celebrated its burial at “Buraco da minhoca” (Hole of the worm) under a viaduct in downtown São Paulo, which was used for a couple of years as a place for parties, demonstrations, film projections, public classes. By that time, many of its members had moved from Brazil, thus radicalizing COMO’s molecularization and putting the club in a stand-by, ashes-to-ashes mode. But you never know when or where COMO will appear next time; maybe it is already doing something in another galaxy or parallel universe, multiverse, preparing its phoenix return. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter because paraphrasing the anthropologist: you can leave COMO but COMO will never leave you.

– Amilcar Packer

COMO clubbers: Alex Cassimiro, Allyson Amaral, Ana Dupas, Andrez Lean Guizze, Bhagavan Barki Lima, Caio César, Dani Spadotto, Eidglas Xavier, Gabi Vanzetta, Glamour Garcia, Mavi Veloso e Thiago Costa.

COMO clube colaboradores: Ad Ferrera, Amilcar Packer, Bruna Petreca, Carmem Saito, Gustavo Saulle, Gustavo Silvestre, Karlla Girotto, Maryah Monteiro and Paula Borgui.

Artists in transit : Alina Popa (Romania), Aline Bonamin, Bruno Freire, Bruno Levorin, Brynjar Åbel Bandlien (Norway), Clarice Lima, Chiara Gadaleta, Cristian Duarte, Carol Mendonça, Cosima Opartan (Romania), Damares D’Arc Daniel Fagundes, Daniel Favaretto, Dani Lie, Douglas Emílio, Dudu Quintanilia, Emilija Skarnulyte (Lithuania), Felipe Lwe, Fernanda Vinhas, Florin Flueras (Romania), Henrik Sørlid (Noruega), Ion Dumitrescu Romênia), Júlia Rocha, Lucas do Prado Coelho, Luíz Gustavo Fernandes Lopes, Leandro Berton, Marcelo Evelin, Manuel Pelmus (Romania), Maurício Ianês, Matti Aiko (Norway), Natália Lima Castro, Nicolas Siepen (Germany) Pedro Galego, Pipa, Rafael Amambahy, Rodrigo Andreolli, Sheila Ribeiro, Tanya Busse (Canada-Norway) ,Teresa Moura Neves,Tom Monteiro, Valentina Desideri (Italy-France), Wagner Schwartz ,Yuri Tripodi, and others.

Die Veranstaltung wird gefördert vom Hauptstadtkulturfonds der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

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