Film | Gespräch

Mo. 23.05.22  |  19:30 – 21:15

Cade & MacAskill 

Join two artists on a fantastical journey through a real-life story as they make a new trans version of Pinocchio.  


The work contains nudity. It places trans bodies in a range of imagined contexts including sexually explicit ones. It also talks about transphobia and the exploitation and fetishisation of trans bodies and narratives, which some audiences may find triggering. The work is humourous and playful in its tone.

Welcome to The Making of Pinocchio! – an up-close behind the scenes look at the quest to make Pinocchio the perfectly imperfect trans masc narrative of our times. 

 In a forest of real wood and fake wood, and real fake wood, and fake real wood, join the cast, crew and creators as they construct Pinocchio over and over again, shaking the boundaries between possible and impossible, reality and fantasy. Turning wood into flesh, boys into donkeys, and making that nose grow… the tricks of the trade will be revealed before your very eyes. 

Artists and lovers Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill have been making The Making of Pinocchio since 2018, alongside and in response to Ivor’s gender transition. Glimpsed through a fictionalised making process, the artists’ real autobiographical experience meets the magical story of the little lying puppet who wants to be a real boy. 

Enter a world of wildly queer utopic imaginings, conjured in a click and lock landscape where everything can change, and everything can connect. 

The Making of Pinocchio: Digital Edition was designed as a special one-off digital performance, filmed in one take at Tramway (Glasgow) and first streamed online at Take Me Somewhere Festival (May 2021). The Making of Pinocchio will tour as a live performance from May 2022. 

Created and performed by Rosana Cade & Ivor MacAskill 
Set, Prop & Costume Designer: Tim Spooner 
Sound Designer: Yas Clarke 
Lighting Designer & Production Manager: Jo Palmer 
Producer: Mary Osborn for Artsadmin 
Cinematographer: Kirstin McMahon 
Camera operator: Alex Storey Gordon 
Technician: Samuel Martin-Randerson & Sam Burnley  
Assistant Stage Manager: Goose Masondo 
Audio description: Juliana Capes 
Captioning: Collective Text; Emilia Beatriz, Daniel Hughes with Rosana Cade, Yas Clarke, Ivor MacAskill, and Jamie Rea 

Outside Eye: Nic Green 
Creative Coach: Stacy Makishi 
Video consultancy: Mamoru Iriguchi

A Fierce Festival, Kampnagel, Tramway & Vooruit Co-Commission.  

Produced by Artsadmin.  

Funded by Creative Scotland, Rudolf Augstein Stiftung and Arts Council England. 

Supported by The Work Room/Dianne Torr Bursary, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, National Theatre of Scotland, Live Art Development Agency, Gessnerellee, Mousonturm, Forest Fringe, West Kowloon Cultural District, LGBT Health & Wellbeing Scotland, Glasgow Zine Library.


‚The wondrous trans tale of Pinocchio… A funny, clever and thoughtful two-hander, rich in playful imagery and direct-to-camera asides, about identity, definition and acceptance… The satire is gentle, but the politics are clear.’ The Guardian

‘The Making of Pinocchio is clever and absorbing, full of reflection and self-revelation, powerful visual imagery and movement.’ The Scotsman

‘It was so beautiful, and such deft balancing of things for trans audiences and things for cis ones. Also, I never cry with joy at things but I did at the ending of it, and i’m crying now thinking about it… it was just so beautiful… a very joyful watch… and such deft balancing of things for trans audiences and things for cis ones… it’s so rare.’ Audience response


Cade & MacAskill are Rosana Cade (they/them) and Ivor MacAskill (he/him): renowned queer artists and facilitators based in Glasgow, Scotland. Their work, together and individually, straddles the worlds of experimental contemporary theatre, live art, queer cabaret, film, children’s performance, site specific, and socially engaged practices. 

Their collaboration is born from a shared love of subversive humour, experimentation with persona and text, playful theatricality, and the joy they find in improvising together. They also share a passion for LGBTQIA+ rights and culture. They create strange, full aesthetic worlds on stage, with unique sonic elements embedded into their work due to ongoing collaboration with sound artist and designer Yas Clarke.

They are both experienced facilitators and trained volunteers with LGBT Youth (Glasgow). They are currently in the process of setting up a co-operative to open a new LGBTQIA+ secondhand shop / community space in Glasgow.

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