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Sa. 17.09.22  |  20:00 – 23:00

Alireza Ostovar in collaboration with Tember Ensemble & Guests

Fall and Rise is a transcultural interdisciplinary performance,  research and production by Alireza Ostovar in collaboration with Tember Ensemble and guests.

Having seen the fall consider the rise.

Transculturality refers to a new culture created by combining different cultures and can be applied to electroacoustic music and performance art to create a new spectrum of interdisciplinary art.
Combining music, images, and movement (of a dancer and musicians) in a designed interior space allows us to transform this space into a unique transcultural audiovisual space that offers new possibilities of storytelling, interaction, and artistic exchange with the audience during the performance. The audience can easily move and see/hear the performance from different angles.

The performance and the unique transcultural space allow all of us (audience and artists) to question and rethink our society and the piece, which is inspired by a poem by an Iranian mystic poet Molana (Rumi) translated into different languages (e.g., English, Polish, etc.), which is about spirituality, self-reflection, and the meaning of death, and life.

Alireza Ostovar (concept, artistic direction, composition, live-electronics, and recorded video)
Azin Zahedi (santur, flute & voice recitation, interpretation/improvisation)
Petros Tzekos (percussions, interpretation/improvisation)
Beatrice Babin (live video)
Marcelina Liebner (dance/performance)
Shahrzad Rahmani (scenography)
Aiko Okamoto (light/technique)
Poem from Molana Rumi in Farsi, English, German, Polish, and Greek

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