akko from ROKU Berlin, Thomas from drogerie krise

So. 12.03.23  |  14:00 – 16:30

A workshop for everyone to make seed bombs and herbal ointments by using non-dominant hand  –  Meet people and stretch our possibility!

in English  (auf Wunsch mit deutscher Übersetzung)


You might think your dominant hand is superior than non-dominant hand? In fact, they just have different strength like precision and stability. In this workshop, we want to figure out the possibilities of our non-dominant hand by making herbal ointments and seed bombs.

Herbal ointments
We prepared 8 different herbal olive oil. all herbs are from OLiB farm.
Mix different oil and make your favorite ointment (salve) for your favorite effect. Each participant will be able to have 1 glass (30ml) of self-made ointment.

Seed bombs
Clay dumpling = Seed Bomb is an idea of Mr. Masanobu Fukuoka, who is famous for natural farming in Japan. You can grow it in a flower pot, or you can throw it in a fence or rubble for guerrilla cultivation. We’ll mix various seeds from OLiB farm.
Each participant will be able to take at least 10 bombs.

Ingredients will come from OLiB farm. OLiB farm is a collective driven organic farm in Brandenburg. They will be organic (as much as possible), vegan and sustainable products so that everyone can participate.

Navigators are akko from ROKU Berlin, an organic vegan caterer and practicing anarchism in OLiB farm, and Thomas from drogerie krise who will teach you how to make ointments with several herbs from OLiB farm.

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