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Line Up

Lee Méir

Sa 02. Juni 2018


The solo Line Up explores the passage of time as a surface of intensity rather than a linear developmental process. It is an endeavour into the physicality of this specific temporality, through zooming into the immediacy and urgency of a single moment of fierce action in time. Taking further her long term research of speech and gestural movement, and juxtaposing it with her current research of sound objects and the body as a carrier of sound, Méir constructs a framework / mindset for her to move in. In this set she excessively (dis)organises space & time, letting the body appear in its bare state of movement, between control and the continues loss of it, as the boundaries between functional and abstract are blurred. Basing her artistic research on the close dialogue with Marcus Steinweg (philosopher) and Moritz Gagern (composer), Méir puts her dancing body inside of philosophical notions and musical principles, which they explore together. In the research presentation they will present the work done so far, as well as their working method and the questions that arise throughout the working process.

Performance, Choreography & Concept: Lee Méir

Musical Dialogue & Sound: Moritz Gagern

Philosophic Dialogue & Input: Marcus Steinweg

Dramaturgical Assistance: Julia Rodríguez

Voice Training: André Lewski

Light: Gretchen Blegen

Stage & Construction Assistance: Johannes Maas

Production: Annett Hardegen

Language: English

The piece will premiere on the 3rd + 4th of August, in the frame of Ausufern, Uferstudios Berlin.

Further Performances: 3rd + 4th of Setember, in the frame of Ausufern, Uferstudios Berlin.

A production by Lee Méir in collaboration with Vierte Welt and Ausufern

Funded by the Capital Cultural Fonds (Haupstadtkulturfonds) and Life Long Burning

Lee Méir, b. 1984, is a choreographer and performer working between Berlin and Tel-Aviv. Her work examines states of paradox and explores the tension(s) between language, movement and meaning production. Her works are presented internationally in platforms such as: Tanz im August Berlin, Brighton Festival, Volksbühne Berlin, Tanzquartier Vienna, a.o. In 2013 she completed choreography studies at HZT- Inter University Centre for Dance, Berlin. She oscillates between working as a solo artist and working in collaborative formats, seeing it as a way to destabilise ideas and put political and collective identities into question. Her recent works include: Across the Middle, Past the East, an Unsettled Cabaret created by a collective of middle eastern female artists and performed at Sophiensaele theatre in Berlin, and fourteen functional failures, a series of short solos she performed in various over and underground events in Berlin, Bucharest, Tel-Aviv, and Vienna.

Marcus Steinweg, b. 1971, lives and works as a philosopher in Berlin. He was a visiting professor at HfBK Hamburg, teaches at the Berlin University of the Arts and is currently Deputy Professor at the Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe. His most recent publications include: “Behauptungsphilosophie” (Berlin: Merve 2006), “Duras” (with Rosemarie Trockel, Berlin: Merve 2008), “Politik des Subjekts“ (Zürich/Berlin: Diaphanes 2009),”Aporien der Liebe” ( Berlin: Merve 2010), “Art and Philosophy” (Cologne: Walter König: 2012), “Philosophie der Überstürzung” (Berlin: Merve 2013), “Inconsistencies” (Berlin: Matthes & Seitz 2015), “Evidenzterror “(Berlin: Matthes & Seitz 2015),” Gramsci Theater “(Berlin: Merve 2016) and” Splitter “(Berlin: Matthes & Seitz 2017) The English version of some of his books has been published by The MIT Press in 2017.

Moritz Gagern, b. 1973, is a freelance composer living since 1995 in Berlin. His concert works are performed at festivals such as MaerzMusik Berlin, TonLagen Dresden, Festspielhaus HellerauHeidelberger Frühling, Taipei Arts Festival. Interdisciplinary cooperations connect him with choreographers and directors in the independent scene of Berlin, at the Ilkhom Theater in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, or at the Munich Opera Festival. As a composer for the theater he was at the Residenztheater Munich, at the Schauspielhaus Bochum, at the Schauspielhaus Dresden, at the Deutsches Theater Berlin, at the Volksbühne Berlin, at the Ballhaus Naunyn and the Sophiensaele in Berlin, at the Neuköllner Oper Berlin, at the Theater der Jugend, Schauburg , Munich and at the Ruhrtriennale. In addition, Moritz Gagern occasionally works as author and dramaturge – most recently as a production and production dramaturge of the premiere “Babylon” by Widmann / Sloterdijk at the Bavarian State Opera. In May 2017, his 80-minute composition “Nigunim for Orchestra” was premiered by the Jakobsplatz München Orchestra in the Munich Muffathalle.

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