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Tresque (record release) | Sea Urchin | Baby Vulture

Sa. 26. Mai 2018




Tresque is the name of an almost forgotten medieval dance turned into “an idea of Techno”. Laurent Peter aka D’Incise enters the dance floor -site of the gathering- from the side, with an eye on traditions, construction of reality and fantasy, and the tension between statism and evolution. Coming from an extended artistic career as improvisor and experimental musician, Tresque returns to his roots that lie in dub music and the sound system culture. The pulse has been growing, slowly and deeply, shaping an idea of groove by reducing it to a simpler and shorter form. In circular movements, Tresque carves his music out of samples and amplified noises using dub techniques and influenced by musique concrète.

Sea Urchin

Using sound and light to create foggy, oneiric dub, Sea Urchin is the Berlin-based duo of Italian Francesco Cavaliere and Egyptian-Austrian Leila Hassan.

Baby Vulture DJ

In a continuous search on the unexpected; pursuing a sonic way to create mind-bending states as a a way to come back to one self.


Language: Music

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