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Agua Mansa – Designing filth in gentle waters

Ausstellung [Sellerie Weekend]

– Ann Mirjam Vaikla & Sebastian Moske –                                                   


So. 28.04.24 | 16:00  –  20:00


 Eintritt frei / Durchgehender Einlass – Video Loop 30 Min. 

A letter-exchange between the artists Ann Mirjam Vaikla (Talinn, Estonia) and Sebastian Moske (Berlin, Germany) as three-channel video-installation, in which disturbed landscapes and ecosystems are approached from Queer Theory, as well as known/missing stories of one’s ancestors.

In the video “Agua Mansa – Designing filth in gentle waters” Ann Mirjam Vaikla and Sebastian Moske read out letters they sent to each other over a few months period. In these letters they connect the individual researches formulated during the shared time in the course “Decolonizing Architecture” in Stockholm. Disturbed landscapes and ecosystems have been approached from perspectives of queer theory as well as known or missing stories from one’s ancestors. The visual language of the video is a fragmented collection of shots from LA & the concrete river, as well as the flat Ann Mirjam inhabited during her time there – and meeting shots from Sebastian’s room in Berlin, as well as from travels (mostly phone-shots), intertwined with images from the Queer Archive. 

One sees spaces as scenarios in between private rooms, residences, and urban structures. All on the line between a film-set and an inhabited space.

The lines of the letters wonder about the dynamics of being “active” or “passive,” and being “on top” or “at the bottom,” “host” or “guest” and the spaces designed for these dynamics.

camera, text, voices: Ann Mirjam Vaikla and Sebastian Moske

In englischer Sprache


So, 28.04.24


16:00 - 20:00


Eintritt frei